Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Top Five Temporary E-Mail Services

Plain and simple: these services prevent horrendous amounts of spam being piled upon pile slowly stacking within your inbox. Simple Tip: Use these temporary addresses as a substitution for your actual E-mail Address when completing surveys or offers to prevent unwanted spam.
  • Malinator: Mailinator is a different kind of email service. The biggest difference is that you don't need to sign up. Any email name you can think of already exists at
  • MailEater: If you give your email address to everyone, you are bound to receive spam, and you won't know where it came from. Wouldn't it be convenient to have a seperate email address available when you need it? is a free web based email service that reduces the amount of junk email spammers can send you because they dont have your real email address.
  • SpamBox: With this service you can create a temporary e-mail address that will forward all incoming mail to your usual e-mail address.
  • MailExpire: It's almost impossible to avoid spam. We don't pretend to offer a complete solution. But we do offer you a little help in keeping your email address out of the hands of spammers.
  • myTrashMail: The primary mission of is to fight spam with its free, temporary email service. Think of it as a spam blocker.
  • Need more?
Simply substitute your personal E-mail Address (when completing surveys) with a temporary one! Trust me, it's worth it - the standard amount of time to create an official E-Mail Address ranges anywhere from thirty seconds to a minute, while temporary E-mail Addresses take less then ten seconds to create! Supplying a different E-mail address each survey actually increases your chance of crediting when completing surveys!

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